The 2017 Oklahoma fire whirl outbreak was associated with the 2017 Oklahoma Wildfire.

A selection of some storms

Firenado 1

An EF0 fire whirl

Firenado 2

An EF2 fire whirl

Firenado 3

Another EF2 fire whirl, this time in a forested area of the state

Firenado 4

An EF0 "stove pipe" fire whirl over open country

Firenado 5

EF4 fire whirl near a forested area

Firenado 6

A significant fire whirl starts a new wildfire in the open

Firenado 7

An EF1 fire whirl ropes out

Firenado 8

An EF1 "flame wall" fire whirl

Firenado 9

An EF4 fire whirl is contained near wooded land

Firenado 10

An EF3 fire whirl melts a road in town